Grape Bonarda (Croatina) 100%

Yield per hectare 6 tons

Harvest 2°/3° week of October

Vinification fermentation in barriques, aged in the bottle

Serving suggestions ideal as a dessert wine to accompany structured sweet dishes, it is also a good “meditation” wine. Experiencing this wine with aged cheeses, either herbed or pungent, is extremely rewarding.

Ideal serving temperature 14° C


Lamoretti started producing Vino del Campo wine with Bonarda grapes from the “Latis” vineyard only in 2004; they are late harvested grapes which undergo a controlled withering process, in order to reach the essence of the fruit.

Martina, a young member of the family, came up with the name which underlines the deep bond with the land, and also the label which embodies the essence and purity of the wine.

Endowed with great complexity and intensity both to the nose and the palate, this is a wine to savour in small sips and discover slowly despite the immediacy of pleasureable sensations.


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